Friday, March 18, 2011

The war of the rich on education to keep the poor down.

I think as we have consecutive years of attacks on the education budgets of Canada and the United States you have to wonder why do people not want to fund education? I think it is because there is no money in education. Yes you need an education to make the big bucks but only a few people need that. After that they build their wealth on the backs of the poor. How do you keep people poor? You keep them from being educated. Continuing to cut funds to public education that will prepare people to challenge the powers who control everything will continue to keep the poor poor. Private schools are not accessible to most of the poor. Rich people can get their kids into private schools and great universities. Without assistance from government funds be it loans or a well funded education system the poor will have larger and larger walls built to keep them from attaining their dreams.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

People do not understand that Jesus would not have been a Republican

Or a conservative. Jesus was all about helping the poor and kids. Look at the role the conservative governments have played lately. In Canada we have education and child care programs taking a beating through lack of funding. We have people saying we need to cut aid to the poor and increase breaks for the rich. Do not even get me started on how many, i am sure not all, but many conservative people speak about their religious superiority and how great the love of god is while trying to think of more and more ways to make individuals different from them feel even less human (see Utah state bill). I think it is time that conservative people stop saying they need to save the souls of those who are wayward and start thinking who's soul is really in jeopardy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions

1. Loose Weight
2. Continue being a kick ass teacher
3. Convince people that just because others are different does not mean they are wrong or evil.
4. Convince crazy old people at my church that Muslims are indeed not trying to take over the world.

That is all for now i think. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly and i guess steal???

So it is Christmas time and all should be joy and happiness, right? Well no because some greasy individual felt the need to steal my friends dads truck. What kind of person does that at Christmas? I mean really? I will tell you who some lazy slacker drain on society that is who.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I hated and still HATE YSA WARDS

Today i had the pleasure of going to a YSA ward to support my sister inlaw while they did musical numbers as part of a Christmas program. It would have been the most lovely experience minus the 2 rows in front of us that laughed, played with phones, passed notes and generally annoyed me. First of all let me start by saying they were clearly the plastics of this ward and boy did i want to punch them. If you can't go to church and listen to beautiful music get out. Also let me say this it is a shame guys go for these girls, these useless sacks of make up and hairspray rather than the great sisters who still wait because they are not the perfect 10. I think it is a shame that girls like this are allowed to breath the same air as people with intelligence let alone attend meetings with them. I am beside myself with annoyance over these pathetic clearly soulless biotches.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parenting 101/ How to shelter your child.

I have no issue with people wanting to protect their children from things they think are dangerous but there is a line that when crossed goes from protecting to sheltering. Keep your kids away from pornographic content? Yes of course, but day time television is not porn. Violent movies for little kids? Yes of course, but Avatar the last airbender is not a violent movie it is a great story about young kids trying to save the world from evil. Keep your kids away from music that is full of adult content in its lyrics? Yes of course, but a strong baseline or a hard rock edge does not make for evil music. The world is not a scary place unless you create that image for your children. Scary places do exist but watching the latest Transporter movie, listening to a little AC/DC and perhaps reading some comic books will not lead you to hell but not being prepared for the scary stuff then entering the real world outside small town AB will. Prepare your kids instead of sheltering them and you will have children prepared for the challenges that are out there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mountains, wind, and cookies

Ok so today was ok minus the 100 km winds reported to be on the way it was an alright day. Wife is not feeling well and still helped me make a ton of things for the bake sale I am doing with my kids. I feel bad I don't try harder to be happy here. Seeing the mountains today was great the forever and ever flowing white finally broke to unleash the beauty that is the mountains but alas beauty can not last forever and we get this miserable wind which might be putting me in the house tomorrow becaue if there is zero visibility it will be a snowmday so no bake sale ugh. That would be a kick in the shorts.