Sunday, December 12, 2010

I hated and still HATE YSA WARDS

Today i had the pleasure of going to a YSA ward to support my sister inlaw while they did musical numbers as part of a Christmas program. It would have been the most lovely experience minus the 2 rows in front of us that laughed, played with phones, passed notes and generally annoyed me. First of all let me start by saying they were clearly the plastics of this ward and boy did i want to punch them. If you can't go to church and listen to beautiful music get out. Also let me say this it is a shame guys go for these girls, these useless sacks of make up and hairspray rather than the great sisters who still wait because they are not the perfect 10. I think it is a shame that girls like this are allowed to breath the same air as people with intelligence let alone attend meetings with them. I am beside myself with annoyance over these pathetic clearly soulless biotches.

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