Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mountains, wind, and cookies

Ok so today was ok minus the 100 km winds reported to be on the way it was an alright day. Wife is not feeling well and still helped me make a ton of things for the bake sale I am doing with my kids. I feel bad I don't try harder to be happy here. Seeing the mountains today was great the forever and ever flowing white finally broke to unleash the beauty that is the mountains but alas beauty can not last forever and we get this miserable wind which might be putting me in the house tomorrow becaue if there is zero visibility it will be a snowmday so no bake sale ugh. That would be a kick in the shorts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People Suck

Today i had the lovely experience of finding out someone at work was talking about me behind my back. I for one do not think there is anything wrong with talking crap about people and behind their back makes it all the more fun. The difference that i find is that if it could affect their job you are crossing a line. Call a person fat, comment on their terrible cloths or the fact that they think they are paranormal investigators, but going to someone boss and talking about the person in a negative light or trying to create controversy where none exists is so lame. I am sure it happens everywhere but another great experience in the south. Oh and i must quickly comment on the fact that today i discovered why i am so negative right now. The unending white expanse that is the snow covered south. UGH!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Something that continues to amaze me

I am continually  amazed at the love affair people have with the south. I grew up in in the North and do not continually rave about how amazing it is because lets face it, trashy chicks, brutal bars, "tough" guys, cold winters, short summers that is Small town Northern Alberta. Here is the kicker people from the north can admit to the short falls of their society. Let me translate the phrases of the south to the realistic view i am getting. Quiet=Boring, Hot Summers=Sun but more wind than you ever want, Nice Winter=Grande Prairie has nicer weather than Cardston in November tomorrow it will be -38, Great family values=Along as you have "our family values". Time to take off the rose colored glasses. I do love my job though so i can end with a positive at least. Until next time.


Liberal out of water is going to be my chance to get my thoughts about living in a land that does not feel like home and probably never will. Like a fish out of water i am definitely not yet comfortable in this land of wide open fields and completely closed minds but i am working at trying to be happy. THis will be my outlet.