Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parenting 101/ How to shelter your child.

I have no issue with people wanting to protect their children from things they think are dangerous but there is a line that when crossed goes from protecting to sheltering. Keep your kids away from pornographic content? Yes of course, but day time television is not porn. Violent movies for little kids? Yes of course, but Avatar the last airbender is not a violent movie it is a great story about young kids trying to save the world from evil. Keep your kids away from music that is full of adult content in its lyrics? Yes of course, but a strong baseline or a hard rock edge does not make for evil music. The world is not a scary place unless you create that image for your children. Scary places do exist but watching the latest Transporter movie, listening to a little AC/DC and perhaps reading some comic books will not lead you to hell but not being prepared for the scary stuff then entering the real world outside small town AB will. Prepare your kids instead of sheltering them and you will have children prepared for the challenges that are out there.

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