Friday, March 18, 2011

The war of the rich on education to keep the poor down.

I think as we have consecutive years of attacks on the education budgets of Canada and the United States you have to wonder why do people not want to fund education? I think it is because there is no money in education. Yes you need an education to make the big bucks but only a few people need that. After that they build their wealth on the backs of the poor. How do you keep people poor? You keep them from being educated. Continuing to cut funds to public education that will prepare people to challenge the powers who control everything will continue to keep the poor poor. Private schools are not accessible to most of the poor. Rich people can get their kids into private schools and great universities. Without assistance from government funds be it loans or a well funded education system the poor will have larger and larger walls built to keep them from attaining their dreams.

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