Monday, November 22, 2010

Something that continues to amaze me

I am continually  amazed at the love affair people have with the south. I grew up in in the North and do not continually rave about how amazing it is because lets face it, trashy chicks, brutal bars, "tough" guys, cold winters, short summers that is Small town Northern Alberta. Here is the kicker people from the north can admit to the short falls of their society. Let me translate the phrases of the south to the realistic view i am getting. Quiet=Boring, Hot Summers=Sun but more wind than you ever want, Nice Winter=Grande Prairie has nicer weather than Cardston in November tomorrow it will be -38, Great family values=Along as you have "our family values". Time to take off the rose colored glasses. I do love my job though so i can end with a positive at least. Until next time.


  1. Good point. None of us ever rave about the north and how it's the best place on earth and Zion-like, and choice above all other places... and yet the southerners do. Hmmmm... Interesting point.

  2. Also, when people say anything negative about the north I don't care as much. But the southerners are almost in disbelief that someone doesn't love SoAb.